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"Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us."
Roy Adzak

Purchasing Stained Glass

For the past 25 years, I have asked myself, what is it about stained glass that draws peoples attention? Is it spiritual, does it remind them of a religious connection? Does it remind them of sitting in church as a young child, admiring the big beautiful windows? Is it an art piece, that they just enjoy viewing? Is it a decorating piece that adds a certain harmony and softness to the home? Maybe itís all of these and more. My guess is, each of us has our own reason for being attracted to stained glass.

Recently, I had a conversation with a customer of mine who happens to be a banker. We were discussing the "pay back" by "investing" in stained glass. I had mentioned that not everyone wants a pool in their backyard, or a tennis court, or even a hot tub. But, Iíve never found anyone who does not enjoy "well done" stained glass. The key word being "well done".

Like anything else in life you pretty much get what you pay for. Most people arenít knowledgeable about stained glass, so they donít really know what to look for. I encourage prospective clients, or those wishing to purchase a panel to hang, to look around, see whatís out there.

  • Look at the design, is it pleasing to the eye?
  • Does the design have proper proportion?
  • Look at the glass. When viewed in light, does the glass emit a "fire" or radiance, or is the glass pretty much flat and very opaque?

Enhancing Value
I truly believe that stained glass if done right, will not only enhance the look of your home, warm your spirit, but actually increase the value of your home, more than the initial cost of the stained glass. Bungalows in Chicago with original or original looking stained glass, always seem to bring a much higher premium when sold then those without. Donít believe me, just ask a realtor.

Stained glass is usually sold by the square foot. What determines the price is not the type of glass you select, but rather the complexity of the window design, and how long it takes to fabricate. If the window you are considering has say 30 pieces of glass in the design, that are all straight-lined pieces, that will be less expensive than say a window of the same size with 60 pieces that have a lot of intricate curved cut pieces. The later takes longer to make, hence more expensive.

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